Based on their many years of experience, the immigration specialists of ACENTUM always show our clients the most efficient way through the often rapidly changing environment of regulations and specifications.

Benefit as an ACENTUM customer from our many years of experience work permits as well es business vias and in addition to our high level of expertise and great commitment to the interests of our customers, as well as our many years of proven cooperation with the various authorities involved throughout Switzerland, our professional and reliable way of working our specialists of some for 18 years work experience very much appreciated.

Our modular and individually selectable services in this area include:

  • Application for work and residence permits for EU / EFTA national
  • Application for work and residence permits for non-EU / EFTA nationals
  • Visa applications in the home or country of residence of visa applicants
  • Registration, re-registration and deregistration with the local authorities in Switzerland
  • Extension of work and residence permits
  • Family reunion

With the work and residence permits and services listed below in detail in Switzerland, we can efficiently and professionally support you with our many years of experience:

• B work permit
• L residence permit
• G residence permit
• C residence permit
• C1 residence permit

• EU / EFTA B residence permit
• EU / EFTA L residence permit
• EU / EFTA G residence permit
• EU / EFTA C residence permit
• EU / EFTA Ci residence permit

• 90-days work permit
• 120-days work permit
• registration with the competent authorities, such as district or municipality offices
• Re-registration with the competent public authorities, such as district or municipality office
• Deregistration with the respective competent authorities, such as district / community offices
• Assistance with obtaining visas (eg multiple entry visas) at migration offices
• Change of address
• Canton change
• Change in employee status
• Change of employer, especially for third-country nationals (inside and outside cantons)
• Accompaniment to Swiss authorities

If your question regarding work permits is not listed in the above list, please contact us at

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